About Us

R&R has been providing control engineering services and turn-key DDC systems installations since 1994, accumulating a wealth of expertise over the years in environmental control systems for k-12 schools, college campuses, commercial, industrial, and research/biotech facilities. We work proactively to coordinate between the trades in the field and take particular attention to "finishing" details. Start-up and commissioning are a crucial part of any successful project with the controls contractor taking the lead in discovering and uncovering operational deficiencies. R&R Controls has built its reputation with expertise in all of these areas.


Our approach to managing a project entails proactive coordination with the owner/owner representative to ensure that the project is completed without delays and within budget. All of our engineered systems are programmed and checked out in our facility prior to the installation at the site, thereby reducing field and validation time. Our experience and expertise is unmatched as we continuously strive to provide our customer with the best control solutions and highest quality control products.


Exclusive Honeywell ACI Status:


Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrators (ACI) are authorized by Honeywell to install and service SymmetrE™ and XL5000 LON-based automation systems, Honeywell WEBs-AX™, and the Light Commercial Building Solution™. Honeywell WEBs is the platform based on the Tridium Niagara-AX Framework®.


ACIs are required to have two trained and certified technicians on staff to support the product(s) they choose to sell. R&R has 7 technicians certified on the Niagara-AX framework. There are also minimum volume requirements in the marketplace to ensure experience in meeting job and customer needs.


ACIs serve the complete range of commercial building applications from small to multi-location.